So Totally In Love…

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… with other awesome authors in my genre. I just love Karen Robards, Catherine Coulter, Heather Graham, Nora Roberts and Susan Elizabeth Phillips.¬†These ladies all share the crown when it comes to queens of romance and adventure. I hope to follow in their footsteps. ūüėČ

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Taking a Chance

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So my publisher is going to be releasing a feel-good holiday compilation of short stories by certain authors, perhaps moi included. My submission is going to be called THIRD TIME’S A CHARM and those who know me personally will realize that this short story is a tad autobiographical. I definitely had to clean it up some because I have truly led a scandalous life. FOR SURE. But it does have a “feel good” ending and is perfect for a Christmas story. TTFN kg

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I can’t thank the people who have taken the time to post reviews of CONNECTED enough for your kind and ego-boosting words. ¬†to the woman on AMAZON let me say this: Wow, thank you Tammy. Hope you will read my next book too. BROKER. it probably will have a release date in the early Spring. and there are more to follow, so stay tuned…kg   ESPECIALLY now that my kiddos are back in school… Maybe I will actually be able to work during the day instead of writing on the graveyard shift (the only time it is quiet with four …

And it’s off to the Doctor

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I swear I should keep a doctor on retainer as many times as we’ve had to do stitches and med checks and bone settings. Well to be fair today is the first actually cast one of my boys has ended up in. And it is the youngest so i guess out of five boys, that is a pretty good track record (we won’t go into how many have had legal run ins, but let’s just say our family probably needs a lawyer on retainer too. I’d “LOL” but that REALLY not funny8( ) So very excited that a local dj …

I try so hard at short stories

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So I am going to write a short story for a Christmas¬†compilation¬†edition the¬†¬†is putting out for the holidays. The problem? i just don’t know if i can do it… There’s a reason I write novels and anyone who knows me is laughing as they read this because I cannot make a long story short, but I seem to have NO problem making a short story long. LOL. Wish me luck.

BROKER is complete

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I’m very excited to announce that I have finally finished my second novel BROKER. You will find that Chelsea Chamberlaine and Steve RIvers are vastly different from Delilah Preston/Deirdre DeMarco and Nick Santiago. My challenge with every story line is to make the characters unique. I abhor “cookie cutter” characters and been there, done that plots devices. And that is not an easy task… ICP (Insane Clown Posse) has a song called “Nothing’s Left” and the words are very true. Theres no story that ain’t been told There’s no gimic that ain’t been sold There’s no ocean that never been …