And it’s off to the Doctor

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I swear I should keep a doctor on retainer as many times as we’ve had to do stitches and med checks and bone settings. Well to be fair today is the first actually cast one of my boys has ended up in. And it is the youngest so i guess out of five boys, that is a pretty good track record (we won’t go into how many have had legal run ins, but let’s just say our family probably needs a lawyer on retainer too. I’d “LOL” but that REALLY not funny8( )

So very excited that a local dj is now following me on twitter. I may even make her a heroine in a future story line. Maybe a “Play Misty For Me” role reversal. Hmm… that’s sounding kind of inspirational… hot dj chick, cyber pscych stalker… hot rocker icon to the rescue…

Whatcha think? I’m seeing a popular female radio dj named Star and a title STARSTRUCK?

Maybe in the Spring or Summer. For now I have three novels planned before I can get to it.. Working on finishing up BITTERSWEET HARVEST in September and will probably be done by November; after Christmas, I will be finishing up AKA AURORA for the Spring and hopefully DONOR by the end of next Summer. And DONOR will have a MFC who is a supporting female character (SFC) in BROKER the novel i just finished.


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