Bittersweet Harvest – Cover

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Coming Summer 2012 Let me autograph your copy.

Well My New Book Cover is Almost Done!!

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Ha ha, I STILL haven’t started editing BROKER but hey, I’m starting chapter 15 on BITTERSWEET HARVEST. So here’s a quick blurb I have come up with to whet your whistles. Dr. Lucas Butler never imagined that the sexy blonde who lured him into a couple of one-night stands would turn out to be none other than the notorious Family Guy serial killer. His mistake almost cost him his live and the life of his wife and sons. Piper Butler didn’t know if she could ever forgive her husband for his infidelity, especially when the crazy bitch he screwed around …

Part I of Bittersweet Harvest is Complete!!

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So I am officially one-third of the way through with my third novel, BITTERSWEET HARVEST. Part I–Sowing was the hardest to do since I had to be descriptive with the murders of entire families. I made the deaths of children quick. Not even I could stomach the torture of children, although sadly, I realize it happens. Now I am working on Part II–Reaping. Will offer an update when that part is through. That will take the book two-thirds of the way to completion. TTFN kg

BITTERSWEET HARVEST is Officially in High Gear

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Well I wrote four chapters today for my next novel, Bittersweet Harvest. This is definitely a step beyond romance and adventure. Its main characters are a husband and wife that overcame the betrayal of infidelity, but find themselves prey to a psychotic Family Annihilator. Can’t say how long this book will be, but it is chilling writing it, so hopefully, that is a good sign for future readers. TTFN, kg