Well My New Book Cover is Almost Done!!

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Ha ha, I STILL haven’t started editing BROKER but hey, I’m starting chapter 15 on BITTERSWEET HARVEST. So here’s a quick blurb I have come up with to whet your whistles.

Dr. Lucas Butler never imagined that the sexy blonde who lured him into a couple of one-night stands would turn out to be none other than the notorious Family Guy serial killer. His mistake almost cost him his live and the life of his wife and sons.

Piper Butler didn’t know if she could ever forgive her husband for his infidelity, especially when the crazy bitch he screwed around with turned out pregnant with his child. But Piper lost her uterus to cancer and always longed for a daughter. When the child was born, the couple secretly claimed her and told their families and the world she was adopted.

Victoria MacMurray hated the man she believed “threw” away their child, but remanded to a mental institution once she was deemed unfit to stand trial, a manufactured gas explosion destroyed it, killing staff and patients alike. Including Victoria, or so the Butlers were led to believe.

Now, with their daughter, Harvest, about to turn ten, a mysterious woman enters her life and befriends the innocent girl who is drawn to her for reasons she doesn’t understand. And in a final confrontation, Piper Butler will face the age-old question: Nature vs. Nurture.

Okay folks, this one should be out by next summer!!!!

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