NIN We’re In This Together Now

Posted On Oct 3 2011 by ‘ve become impossible holding on to when when everything seemed to matter no more the two of us (all used) all used up and beaten up watching fate as it flows down the path we hav chose you and me we’re in this together now none of them can stop us now we will make it through somehow you and me if the world should break in two until the very end of me until the very end of you awake to the sound as they peel apart the skin they pick and they pull trying to get their …

OMG Jennimig You Are So Talented

Posted On Oct 3 2011 by

I’m so excited about this video the graphic artist at my publisher, The Writer’s Coffee Shop Publishing House, just created for my book CONNECTED. Jenn McGuire, you are a star in your own right. thank you, sweetie, for your creativity and innovation. now if we can just get Trent Reznor to sign off on using “We’re In This Together.” Oh well, I guess I can’t have EVERYTHING… LOL CHECK IT OUT!!!!!