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Today, as I sat typing one of the last three chapters to my latest novel, BITTERSWEET HARVEST, it occurred to me, not for the first time, that I use a lot of television, movie and music references.

Writing in a contemporary genre, I suppose it is easy to do so. Nowadays, that’s how most of my intended audience would relate to my characters, situations, settings, and what not.

Is this a cop out? To me, the author, it allows a freedom to focus on the plot and not have to spend a lot of time detailing the “boring stuff” like scenery and physical descriptions. Yes, for the main characters, we of course, want them to be unique and I think once they take over and become almost ghost writers of their story, this happens by default.

But given the sophistication that mass communications/media has evolved to, don’t we as a society, make constant reference to a common subject? Even shows themselves do it. Anybody who watches NCIS: Los Angeles has heard Kensi Blye, the female agent, referred to as Wikipedia by her partner.

But if I were writing fantasy or science fiction, or even historical fiction. would I be so ready to rely on references that will immediately put the picture in my reader’s head of what I want them to see? How could I and stay true to a character that would probably never understand such a reference?

Tell me what you think.

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  1. You know, I never really thought about that because it doesn’t occur to me that my books will be around for generations. You, and by token, THEY are very astute in this. Look at GONE WITH THE WIND… an epic novel that probably still sells many copies. I guess its a matter of the time frame of the novel. Will the FBI be around in a hundred years? Maybe not in reality, but certainly in history. Thoughts to ponder. Thanks for your input. TTFN kg

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