One More Week

Posted On Nov 27 2011 by

So my birthday and my first book signing is at the final countdown. December 3, everyone. I hope you will come. It’s at Cafe Java by the ACC Northridge campus, right there on Stonehollow just off of Metric. TTFN, kg

So DONOR Has Been Creeping Up On Me

Posted On Nov 17 2011 by

My next book is called AKA AURORA. The best way I can describe it is The Long Kiss Goodnight meets The Bourne Identity. It’s gonna be great. The Long Kiss Goodnight is one of my all-time favorite movies and Charley Baltimore is definitely who Aurora is based on. But the book after AKA AURORA, a medical thriller, has been creeping into my consciousness through my unconsciousness–as in my REM sleep. I wake up and have the uncontrollable urge to write about Lulu Segura, a young widow who just completed her residency as a surgeon months before her husband, a fellow …

WooHoo! The Promo for BROKER is out!!!!!

Posted On Nov 12 2011 by so excited…Pre-sales begin February 9, 2012. And sometime in the summer, BITTERSWEET HARVEST is coming… TTFN, kg


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Not sure if you want to read my book? Click this link & check out the reviews at the Not every one of them is good, but I’m not the type to pull any punches and hope I learn from the criticisms of my detractor (but thank God there is only one…LOL) TTFN, kg


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Moments ago, I submitted my final draft for my third novel, BITTERSWEET HARVEST, due out sometime next summer. This novel is a story line I’ve considered over the years, but as a “romance” writer, I wasn’t exactly sure if I could accommodate it to my genre. However, I think I have done a pretty swell job of it. It is a psycho-thriller, but underneath it all is a husband and wife whose marriage is humanized by the troubles of parenthood and the forgiveness of betrayal. I struggled with the character of the PB-that’s psycho bitch for those not familiar with …

BROKER Release: March 2012

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So my publisher is going to be releasing their officially line up for the spring this Friday, but I thought I would give followers of my blog a heads up. Yes BROKER will be released March 8, 2012.   And for anyone living in the Austin/Central Texas area, I will be doing a book signing with fellow author Michael Schneider (Blind Faith, The Darkness of Perfection) on December 3, 2011 at the Cafe Java over by ACC Northridge from 11-1. Hope to see you there.   TTFN, kg