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So this year is supposed to be all about doom and gloom. Many prophesies say the world will end on December 21, 2012. But Nostradamus predicted the world would end in 3726 A.D. and being more of an optimist these days, I think I will cling to his prediction instead. 

Because this year, I hope to release three new novels.  The first comes out in March and I have been hyping it for a while. Final edits should be done in the next few weeks and then it’s off the the printer! BROKER is not only an action/adventure love story, but also a means for me to call attention to the world just how ruthless the Mexican drug cartels can be in their quest to obtain and maintain mass fortunes through the trafficking enterprise. But they are also kidnappers, intimidators and little better than terrorists when it comes to taking and getting what they want.

My third novel, BITTERSWEET HARVEST, is also due out this year, hopefully in the summer. I have also mentioned this book on my blog because it is a tad over the top and not the typical existential romance. This novel deals with the the pain of adulterous betrayal in what was otherwise, a strong and happy marriage. It is a story of forgiveness and unconditional love that only a parent can give to a child. And then there is the element of how evil can twist the perceptions of an individual, thereby perpetuating the continuation of maliciousness.

Finally, my fourth novel, the one I am working on now–AKA Aurora–is a return to the intrigue and adventure that make a good love story exciting. That and mind-blowing sex, of course. Dawn Fairchild, gravely injured in a car accident when she was only seventeen, awakes from a coma on her twenty-ninth birthday. Not only does she have to deal with remembering the loss of her friends who died in the same accident, she also learns that her mother succumbed to cancer. And if that wasn’t overwhelming enough, she is three months pregnant. After months of a surprisingly swift rehabilitation, she forges on to a new beginning, welcoming the life growing within her, even though all the indications point to the child being the result of an act of rape. But after a few years of settling into her reclaimed life as she fulfills the plans she’s made for the future, she begins having vivid dreams of another life, another woman, one who has all the military skills and knowledge of a covert intelligence agent, one she has seen in her dreams commit several murders. In her quest to discover who this woman is, she unlocks secrets in her mind; secrets that threaten her future, her family and the world she has reconstructed for herself.

I hope to be finished with this novel in February and with the cooperation of the good Lord, my wonderful publisher and patient editors, I would love to see AKA AURORA available for Christmas shopping lists. And, quite frankly, I have at least a dozen more story lines to weave into novels in the next few years, so I will be very disappointed for the world to end just yet. Hope springs eternal, be good to your neighbors and family, and perhaps Fate will have a more optimistic future awaiting for us all!

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