Summer Really Makes One Appreciate Teachers!

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Oh, yes! I am counting the days… until school starts. My husband and I have five sons, two of which are still in the home. Yeah, I really can’t imagine suffering too much from “empty nest syndrome” once my 11 year old, who start middle school next month, moves out. Then again, none of our boys have ever moved out for good  yet, but things look pretty promising for our oldest, 26, who has only come back home a few times since turning 18. LOL. Our 19 year old is still playing Home-Again-Gone-Again.

Anyway, I have been promising my followers I would start an on-line book and I plan to do so in September. I have a lot on my plate come the fall, but this project will be a priority. I will not only set up some ground rules, oh ye merciless critics, but also some opportunities for budding editors and writers out there.

As excited as I am about the concept of this interactive collaboration, alas I have to wait until my sons, Alejandro and Noah, return to school. I am still trying to finish my fourth novel, AKA AURORA, which has been on the back burner for a few months and by the beginning of next summer, I hope to be done with the first novel in the trilogy I am ambitiously determined to write. (The first book is called The Trinity Experiment and the series will be called The Klone of Klones. Use your imagination to guess what it is about. 8D).

Hostage to motherhood until school starts… ho hum. TEACHERS ARE DEFINITELY NOT PAID ENOUGH!

TTFN, kg

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