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Finally, and with very special thanks to the very dedicated administrators of ars-dominus, my next novel, BROKER, is available for ebook download. I have to say, totally without tooting my own horn, that I think BROKER is much better than CONNECTED.

You see, it took me TEN YEARS to get CONNECTED published and by that time, so much technology had changed. I spent a year in editing and rewriting and maybe that was a mistake. Maybe I should have left the setting at the turn of this century instead of updating it. When I read over CONNECTED for the first time, one of the things I became critical about was the amount to details I used for things that really weren’t that important.

But when I went to finish BROKER, for which I had only done a prologue and a couple of chapters shortly after finishing my first novel way back in 2002, I was on such a high that I literally finished writing it and my third novel, BITTERSWEET HARVEST (hopefully available by the end of the summer) within six months of CONNECTED‘s release in July of 2011.

But that spontaneity really works for this book. I am loving it as a reader and that’s not just my hype to get people to buy the book, since obviously you can download a copy for free right now.

Will this lead to another book contract through a “real” publisher? Maybe, maybe not, but with the wonderful talents of Mr. V to format my ebooks and manage my online presence–and his beautiful wife acting as my editor–I really don’t care. I am doing it for the love of storytelling and because the bard in me cries out to be heard!

Ya know, I have been working on my fourth novel for over a year, mainly because I haven’t had that “OOMPH!!” rallying me on like it did after CONNECTED was launched. But it’s coming back and I can tell you this…

I am about halfway done with AKA AURORA–a cross between The Long Kiss Goodnight and The Bourne Identity, have started DONOR–a medical thriller/drama/romance (whose heroine, btw, is the sister of the hero in BROKER), and I am in the process of planning a storyline for STARSTRUCK, a Play Misty For Me role-reversal novel.

In the words of the 80s band Timbuk3, “The future’s so bright, I gotta wear shades!!” LOL!!!!!!!

TTFN, kg

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