Summer already?

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Boy, I can’t believe it’s summer again! A couple of weeks ago, our fourth son graduated high school with his girlfriend. I’m proud to say all of our boys were present, ready to cheer on their brother, who has already gone on to community college for the summer and is scheduled to depart for Marine boot camp on September 9, 2013 a mere eight days after he turns 18 [sob, sob]. But his ambition is to be career military and I must say, retiring at 38 sounds like a great plan! I can only pray to our Heavenly Father that tensions in the Middle East will somehow find some relief.

alex and maura grad day                                                                100_4232

Then this past Sunday, I sent my “baby” off to camp for a week, a REAL camp, as in sleeping in tents, learning about nature and NO ELECTRICITY. I guess he will have to manage without his PSP for a few more days. Next month will mark the second anniversary since my first book Connected, was released. You can download a free ebook copy of it under the blog titled “Happy Anniversary.”

By the end of summer, I hope to have AKA Aurora completed and soon after that, Bittersweet Harvest should be up and available for download. I know I promised to start an online book where my blog visitors can contribute to the storyline, but that is going to have to go on the backburner for a while longer. Now that I have taken on publishing myself, with the help of my EXCELLENT webmaster, who by choice, shall remain nameless, I have to devote myself to shameless promotion so I can generate the traffic I need to make this venture and this dream pay off.

For all those who get a break this summer, READ A BOOK!!! Better yet, read one of mine. LOL!!!!

TTFN, kg

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