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First of all, let me just say, until Dubya’s second term, I was a staunch Republican and voted that way from the time I turned 18. And I VOTE! I vote on everything that I can, whether it is school bond issues, city ordinances–although some I am blocked from since our property rests in an unincorporated area–and statewide elections. And I have to say, as a Texan, I am embarrassed for my state because of its ignorant senators–cough,cough, Cruz/Cornon, cough, cough–and an even bigger idiot as Governor, who I tend to refer to as Dick Fairy, since I believe the rumors that he is a closet homosexual (which does not bother me in and of itself but it sure makes him that much more hypocritical on the same-sex marriage issue). He originally took over the office from Bush but has subsequently been RE-ELECTED twice!!!! What does that say about the people of Texas… That we, too, are idiots?? And I don’t even have to put his correct name because after the last National Republican Primaries, the whole country knows who our joke of a Governor is!!!!!

No, it says that our eligible voting population is either not getting registered or is not voting in the masses as we should. Look, people, you can tell yourselves that your vote doesn’t matter as vehemently as I tell myself that my vote does. ONE vote may not change anything in the grand scheme of things but ONE VOICE will. And if we, the people, do not find our voice and USE IT, we are saying that we are ok with the status quo.


And PLEASE, do not get me started on the Teapublicans. I agree with their claims that this is not the America they grew up in…DUH!!!! The America they grew up in was mostly white (as am I, but married to a Hispanic man), racist and caters to the rich and elite.  And MEN! And shame on you to all the female politicians who let these men be the constructors of abortion and other family planning bills!!!! I am a Christian woman who is strong in my faith and abortion is appalling to me but so is rape and incest, and anyone woman who has suffered either or both should not have to be the vessel of its product if it is not her choice to do so. How can Republicans take the stand that government has to stay out of people’s personal lives but then pass all of these anti-abortion measures? Is that not interference in a personal, and probably very tortured decision? Just take a look at the AMC series Mad Men and you will see the era of the minds of many of these pundits, especially Sarah Palin. Good gravy, the woman never made it to a national office, can’t we just send her back to her caribous? And none of the Fox News anchors and hosts should have the privilege of the titles of journalists because even WHEN THEY ARE WRONG (can anyone say Bill O’Reilly?), they continue with the same false and deceptive storylines. Many of which were issues brought up in the Bush Administration but steamrolled over by Cheney himself!!!!! Where was their righteous indignation then?

I, for one, will relish the day I can feel good about casting a Republican vote again, but until that day comes, I guess I’m staying “blue.”

TTFN, kg

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  1. Our state and country administration do not vote or shape laws for what would benefit or help the american population. It is very much geared towards those only in the highest tax bracket. It is very interesting the time we live in. When the people who point out the criminals are the ones being taken away and called criminals themselves.

    To claim to be part of either political party seems strange to me. There is no way anyone agrees with everything either side is doing and they’re all in it for themselves.

    The Tea Party is just a bunch of ignorant rednecks who don’t want to pay taxes. They’re like rich people only without the money. Also if you were a republican during the bush administration then you didn’t pay attention to politics. It was amazing how many people did not pay attention to what the administration was doing and just blindly voted because they always vote one way.

    There’s a reason why they’re not afraid to include snopes links on those jesus republican chain emails. It’s because the people who are for those things would rather believe in a sensational article than the actual truth. Why check the facts when I just read a half paragraph email?

    People rarely read these days. Why am I typing this? I wonder…

    “We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology.” Carl Sagan

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