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Ah The 70’s. So funky, so disco, so cheezy!! but DAMN!!!!! Was Clint Eastwood not the hunkiest of the hunks? Did you know, his lone gunman character has been the model for many a dark, dashing hero in the world of historical romance novels? Anyone remember Sweet, Savage Love, Dark Fires and Lost Love, Last Love by the most epic Rosemary Rogers? Her character, Steven Morgan, was based on Mr. Eastwood’s portrayal in Hang ‘Em High.

So I said that I was going to put my online novel on hold. Then I thought, “why put off ’til tomorrow what you can do today?”. Everyday, as a matter of fact. Monday, June 24, will be my first posting of my offering. The name of this novel is called Superstar and the characters aren’t based off of characters from the Eastwood movie above, but the storyline will be loosely based on it.

Our story opens with the main character, Starr Jennings, a popular DJ for a Denver rock radio station. In her capacity, she travels frequently on location throughout each year to events like Lalapalooza, Oz-fest, and the Family Values Tour (yes I know these particular events no longer happen but similar ones do so this is an opportunity for you my blog visitors to jump in and add your two cents) as well as other major concert productions both local and abroad as part of her career as a media personality. Of course, on one of these tours, she picks up a “fan” who eventually turns into a stalker.

It’s a good thing hot rocker, Zach Rohnan, lead singer of the metal band, IED, just happens happens to come to her rescue…

Tune in, my friends. Pitch your ideas on how you want this storyline to proceed. Until Monday then, same Bat time, same Bat channel…

TTFN, kg

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  1. Why is his hair so puffy? Also I really don’t get it haha. What is it actually about? Some people who do drugs?

  2. No, silly. It’s about a crazy stalker fan who gets involved with a dj personality. but then he dumps her for his ex and she goes nuts. like i said, the 70s were pretty cheezy but it’s a good storyline and very modern in a lot of ways. Just look at all the celebrities that have stalkers? David Letterman, Rhiana, even Jimmy Kimmel. LOL!!!

    TTFN, kg

  3. Also, Roberta Flack’s iconic song, “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” was played in this movie. It gave the song a boost to number one on the Billboards.

    TTFN, kg

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