Ok Kinda Screwed

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Just a quick update. My hard drive has crashed in my pc. I’m posting this from my son’s tablet which he never uses since his laptop is his baby. Chapter 3 is on hold til I get my pc bck because I like to type my work in Word first, then I just copy and paste it to the blog. Seriously, still trying to figure this thing out. Suggestions and/or advice would be much appreciated with all things tablet. Thanks, y’all!! TTFN, kg

Starstruck- Chapter II

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August-The Summer Before   “Well, folks, Superstar is about to call it a day, or rather night as the case may be. But not before my Friday night finish. So to wrap up our summer concert series, KSTR is proud to present I-E-D! And I do believe their latest single has made it to our end-of-the-week Top Ten countdown tonight. For those of you new to the game, here’s how it goes. I’m going to play the top ten songs requested for the week and the first caller to get through the Listener Line with the correct answer to all …

Chapter One Plus Incorporated Suggestions

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What was that smell?—dank, musty, mildewy. As consciousness returned , she realized she was no longer sleeping. Sleeping? she thought, as a rising dread began to grip her. No, not sleeping…unconscious. She could feel her lids opening and closing, and groggy as her mind was, she knew no amount of blinking could clear up the darkness that was totally absolute as it surrounded her. As her mind grasped for her most recent memories, trying to piece together any errant image that would produce a relevant thought. She tried to fight the rising panic. It was too late, the levy had …