Ok Kinda Screwed

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Just a quick update. My hard drive has crashed in my pc. I’m posting this from my son’s tablet which he never uses since his laptop is his baby. Chapter 3 is on hold til I get my pc bck because I like to type my work in Word first, then I just copy and paste it to the blog. Seriously, still trying to figure this thing out. Suggestions and/or advice would be much appreciated with all things tablet. Thanks, y’all!!

TTFN, kg

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  1. i know but for some reason, even after the years they have been out, i just can’t wrap my mind around smart phones. they are way expensive, i hate the touch screen because i always hit more buttons than intended and i just can’t seem to use them to their full potential. what i would love is a REALLY smart phone that i could just talk to in order to facilitate its commands. LOL. i guess that is still a few years off but at least they are finally making waterproof phones.

    TTFN, kg

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