Busy, Crazy Weekend

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Well, I’d like to think the title of my post says it all. For this is true about the internationally-renowned festival that takes place in my home town every fall. People travel from all over the world to attend the Austin City Limits Festival here in Austin, Texas. But I wasn’t just an onlooker. And, sadly, I wasn’t even a media personality. I worked as “Event Staff.” Three 14-hour days and I’m exhausted. This event is said to bring in around a hundred million dollars to our local economy every year and that’s when it was only one weekend. This year, however, it’s going to be for two weekends so come Friday morning, I will be doing all of it again. Fuck the Republicans!! This is only one example of the excellence that comes from PBS!

Truly, I only signed up to make some extra money for my family’s road trip to San Diego in December to see my son Alex graduate from Marine boot camp… and because Kings of Leon rock B-A-D   A-S-S!!!!  And talk about seeexxxxyyyy!!!!!! And alternative icon, The Cure, was playing, too. At first it kind of sucked when I realized last night  they were playing at the same time but it actually turned out to be pretty perfect because even though they were on different stages and at opposite ends of the venue, Love Song came on first and then right after Closer, my favorite songs from both bands. I sure hope they keep the same song line up next Saturday night. Then I can position myself just right!!!

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