Calling All Authors!!!!! SUBMITYOURCHAPTER.COM Is In Production!!

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. So I have this fantastic idea for a new book except I’m not really sure what it’s going to be about. It will depend on who contributes and what direction we want this novel to take. I have written mostly contemporary fiction from erotica to thrillers. And I will submit the first chapter. I’m still coming up with this concept and feel there will HAVE to be some ground rules but the idea is to create one novel by many authors–not separate story compilations but a single, cohesive storyline that all of my author friends contribute to. And don’t …


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So, okay, they are not women yet but HECK YEAH, what a positive message to send to our younger femgeneration!!! TTFN, kg

Starstruck- Chapter VI

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The first thing she became aware of the pastiness of her mouth. Moving her tongue around inside it, it felt like a paintbrush. A dull throb began to snake up from the back of her neck and by the time she squinted one eye open cautiously, she felt like someone was trying to rip off her scalp at the bangs. Slowly she opened the other eye but the surroundings were completely foreign to her. Sunlight was peeking through the drawn curtains covering the window and out of instinctual curiosity, she scanned the rest of the room. She could tell right …