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This was the original title. IDK why I changed it way back when I started this in September but I really like STARSTRUCK more. I think it fits better for a creepier, fan fanatic type romance thriller. Don’t y’all? TTFN, kg


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“I’m sooo excited. We’re just minutes away from the arrival of our special guests, Zach Rohnan and Jason Maldonado from the band IED! As you all know, that show has been sold out for weeks now but KSTR still has some tickets to give away, so keep listening all the way up to my show tomorrow when Bad Boy Billy, who, sweetheart that he is despite his name, will be pulling a double shift, giving away the station’s last pair of tickets while covering my show and then his own. But I’ll be checking in via live remote throughout the …


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She just couldn’t fall asleep. The past few days felt like a nightmare fairy tale—first the nasty business with the Merry-Go-Round drummer, Mange, then the damning tabloid headlines that followed a rather unflattering view of her body tossed over Zach Rohnan’s shoulder in the hallway of the downtown Denver hotel. Tomorrow would be her first day back on the air since it all happened and after Cheryl Potter’s phone call earlier that evening, Starr now knew she had a Denver Post article to look forward to as well. It kind of irritated her that the paper would contact the station’s …

How About This?

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Yeah, I know. It’s a bit rough, but I can only get better, right? So tell me what y’all think. I’ll probably be posting another chapter this weekend. TTFN, kg

Needing Some Feedback on Book Cover

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So my super AWESOME webmaster hooked me up with a program called GIMP to create my own book covers. I know SUPERSTAR is an online book and so won’t necessarily have a cover but I may go back and change all the chapter icons. Anyway, this is what I’m working with right now… Want to add a picture of Starr herself but damn, her hair is black so not sure how to “fade” her onto the other side of the guitar. Tell me what y’all think. TTFN, kg