Finally!! A G-I-R-L!!!!!!!!!

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My first blood grandchild. A little girl. Yahoooooo says the woman with a basketball team of boys!!!!! TTFN, kg

Starstruck–Chapter IV (Final Revision)

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“I’m sooo excited. We’re just minutes away from the arrival of our special guests, Zach Rohnan and Jason Maldonado from the band IED! As you all know, that show has been sold out for weeks now but KSTR still has some tickets to give away, so keep listening all the way up to my show tomorrow when Bad Boy Billy, who, sweetheart that he is despite his name, will be pulling a double shift, giving away the station’s last pair of tickets while covering my show and then his own. But I’ll be checking in via live remote throughout the …

Starstruck–Chapter III (Final Revision)

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Central Colorado in the summer was one of the most beautiful times of the year. Although some days it could be unbearably hot, as soon as the sun went down, everything cooled off. Starr was looking forward to the concert Friday night, which was being held at Red Rock Stadium, one of the premier venues in the country. Listening to her colleagues promoting the IED giveaway all weekend, she’d felt the usual rise of excitement that normally overtook her as a major promotional event was drawing near. A few months back, when KSTR had participated in a charity event sponsored …

Starstruck–Chapter II (Final Revision)

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  August-The Summer Before “Well, folks, Superstar is about to call it a day, or rather night as the case may be. But not before my Friday night finish. So to wrap up our summer concert series, KSTR is proud to present I-E-D! And I do believe their latest single has made it to our end-of-the-week Top Ten countdown tonight. For those of you new to the game, here’s how it goes. I’m going to play the top ten songs requested for the week and the first caller to get through the Listener Line with the correct answer to all …

Starstruck–Chapter I (Final Revision)

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What was that smell?—dank, musty, mildewy. As consciousness returned , she realized she was no longer sleeping. Sleeping? she thought, as a rising dread began to grip her. No, not sleeping…unconscious. She could feel her lids opening and closing, and groggy as her mind was, she knew no amount of blinking could clear up the darkness that was totally absolute as it surrounded her. Her mind grasped for the most recent memories, trying to piece together any errant image that would produce a relevant thought. She tried to fight the rising panic. It was too late, the levy had broken. The …