I Admit It… I’ve Been LAME!!!!

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I am so sorry I haven’t posted Chapters 4-7 or written Chapter 8 yet. I started a new job about two months ago and have been putting in a LOT of hours. PLUS I have been editing a book I started a couple of years ago but haven’t worked on much because I started it right before I parted ways with my publisher, which was NOT a good time. However, I am working on both books now… the one I am sharing on this site, STARSTRUCK, and the one I hope to have available for download on this site by the end of the summer, A.K.A. AURORA. I have finally mastered (or at least learned to speak the language of) Gimp. For your approval, criticism or amusement, these are the two book covers that I have decided to go with.




I promise I will have the last edited chapters of  STARSTRUCK up by next weekend. And maybe the next chapter as well. But that I won’t promise, because even though it will be Memorial Day weekend, I have two kids with birthdays then as well…  Monumental birthdays–my “baby” becomes a teenager on the 23rd and the brother who got him as a” birthday present” (at least he thought so at the time–these days not so much, LOL!!) turns 21 on the 25th. Happy birthdays, my sons. Love you more than there are stars in the sky.


TTFN, kg

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