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So, okay, they are not women yet but HECK YEAH, what a positive message to send to our younger femgeneration!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pz7g4qy0l9M TTFN, kg

Starstruck- Chapter VI

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The first thing she became aware of the pastiness of her mouth. Moving her tongue around inside it, it felt like a paintbrush. A dull throb began to snake up from the back of her neck and by the time she squinted one eye open cautiously, she felt like someone was trying to rip off her scalp at the bangs. Slowly she opened the other eye but the surroundings were completely foreign to her. Sunlight was peeking through the drawn curtains covering the window and out of instinctual curiosity, she scanned the rest of the room. She could tell right …

Starstruck- Chapter V

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“Superstar checking in with you, Bad Boy. I have Kelly Todd and her fourteen-year old son, Jacob, with us, KSTR’s grand prize winners. Kelly, last night when Zach Rohnan called you personally to congratulate you, did you think it was a prank?” Starr asked the thirty-something single mother who was sporting one of the band’s touring jerseys and a pair of tight black jeans. Starr was thankful she’d been able to hand out the teeshirts to both the woman and her son since the mother’s top didn’t do much to cover her top and the kid’s shirt had a logo …

The Gothic Art of Conversation

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I have always loved these three poems. I used them in a comparison dissertation while earning my first degree. I think it was really creative the way the Gothic poets would reply to each others’ work. Below is a poetic convo between Marlowe, Raleigh and Donne, a few of the greatest writers of their day, of our history, I dare to say. I wish I could get a group of authors all together to write stories and sequels with other authors. It would really be a cool trend… One author starts a journey between characters, another writes a sequel, another …

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!!!!

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Bwah-hah-hah-hah!!! Boo! This may be the month we celebrate ghouls and goblins, witches and warlocks, psychos and sickos but what is truly scary about this month is the staggering statistics about the numbers in breast cancer. They are one in eight for women! http://www.breastcancer.org/symptoms/understand_bc/statistics My mother was a breast cancer survivor and although she has passed, before she did, she reached the five years free mark and thankfully, it was not the cause of her death. My sisters and I know we are at greater risk than most women because if it. A couple of years ago, I had my …

Busy, Crazy Weekend

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Well, I’d like to think the title of my post says it all. For this is true about the internationally-renowned festival that takes place in my home town every fall. People travel from all over the world to attend the Austin City Limits Festival here in Austin, Texas. But I wasn’t just an onlooker. And, sadly, I wasn’t even a media personality. I worked as “Event Staff.” Three 14-hour days and I’m exhausted. This event is said to bring in around a hundred million dollars to our local economy every year and that’s when it was only one weekend. This …

Starstruck- Chapter IV

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“I’m sooo excited. We’re just minutes away from the arrival of our special guests, Zach Rohnan and Jason Maldonado from the band IED! As you all know, that show has been sold out for weeks now but KSTR still has some tickets to give away, so keep listening all the way up to my show tomorrow when Bad Boy Billy, who, sweetheart that he is despite his name, will be pulling a double shift, giving away the station’s last pair of tickets while covering my show and then his own. But I’ll be checking in via live remote throughout the …


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It’s heeeerrrrreeee!!! Bittersweet Harvest is here for all my readers to enjoy. Download it for free, but a donation would be nice! I know I’m behind on Superstar but by next week, I will be back on track. My back is better but I only have a few days left with my son, Alex, before he is off to Marine boot camp for 3 months, so for the rest of this week, it will be family time. Always, ALWAYS, family first!! TTFN, kg   Also available in kindle format:

Yes I AM Still Alive…

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So between school starting, my husband’s 51st and my son’s 18th birthdays–yes they are the same day, September 1–I have been swamped. ESPECIALLY since my son is off to Marine boot camp on the 23rd [sob, sob]. So, yes, I AM still alive but have been muy distractada. And if THAT isn’t enough to gain some sympathy hooky brownie points. my back went out a little over a week ago and I have literally been bed- and couch-ridden for over a week. I was feeling well enough to get vertical and get out on Monday. I went to the Y …

Starstruck- Chapter III

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Central Colorado in the summer was one of the most beautiful times of the year. Although some days it could be unbearably hot, as soon as the sun went down, everything cooled off. Starr was looking forward to the concert Friday night, which was being held at Red Rock Stadium, one of the premier venues in the country. Listening to her colleagues promoting the IED giveaway all weekend, she’d felt the usual rise of excitement that normally overtook her as a major promotional event was drawing near. A few months back, when KSTR had participated in a charity event sponsored …